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In London on New Year's Eve, they wait for what clock to strike midnight?
How long does it take for the ball to drop in Times Square?
The last place to celebrate New Year,2020 will be?
Where does the New Year's Eve Ball drop EVERY New Year?
In this country, New Years Day is traditionally celebrated with a state sponsored water fight?
Due to different time zones, how many times is New year celebrated?
Which film was released on New Year drawing the highest box office sales?
Where is the world's most expensive New Year's firework show?
Which of these countries does not celebrate New Year's (Gregorian calendar)?
In 2020, Chinese New Year will be celebrated on?
The first place to celebrate New Year,2020 will be?
What were 2019's most popular new year resolutions?
2000 pounds of are dropped on the crowd in Time's Square at midnight?
Islamic New Year is celebrated on?
Russians celebrate the New Year twice, once on January 1st, and then on?
Which of these movies had a popular computer game in 1999?
Which of these is a fighting game?
What do you do to fruits in the game Fruit Ninja?
What is the maximum number of players in Ludo Star?
Which FIFA game was released most recently?
My Telenor Test Your Skills 25 Dec 2019 Answer
Which part of Pakistan is known as the Switzerland of Pakistan?
What is Nanga Parbat locally known as?
Which city is known as the financial capital of Pakistan?
Which mountain is known as Killer mountain?
What was the original name of Karachi?
What is Lahore also known as?
When was Facebook founded?
Facebook headquarters are in which state of USA?
What's the character limit on Twitter?
Who is the founded of Tesla Motors?
Which company acquired Careem?
Which city is known as the Tech Capital of the World?
My Telenor test your skills 21 Dec 2019 Answer
In which country were the wind turbines invented?
The MP3 audio format was invented by?
Computer Chips are made of?
Where was Quaid-e-Azam born?
When did Quaid-e-Azam join the Muslim League?
Where did Quaid study Law?
What was Quaid's favorite sport?
What was the birth name of Quaid-e-Azam?
What's the country of origin of IBM?
The busiest internet hub in the world is in?
Samsung's headquarters are in which country?
Which is the highest-ranking university in the field of technology?
How many major crypto-currencies are there?
What is the name of the parent company of Google?